Designing tomorrow's vintage, for your self expression today. Dressing and feeling like yourself is essential everyday. What you wear has the power to show the world your individuality and be a radical form of self expression.


As a designer I draw inspiration from many places. Most often it's from vintage fashion, the materials I work with, and my own work(I can be a bit self referential).



Everything is currently designed and made by me, Laura. I truly believe in creating designs, that will withstand the test of time and mix in into your current jewelry collection. Pieces that will become tomorrow's vintage, that will be worn with love. Personal style and self expression also greatly influence my design approach, it adds so much meaning to getting dressed.



Individuality, we are all not meant to be the same or dress the same. Self expression, how we can communicate our individuality to the world. Change, which is inevitable so embrace it, flow with it. Design, it can stand the test of time. Quality, is to be sought after and embraced. Sustainability, using the resources at hand with care and thoughtfulness.


Meet Laura...

The Origin Story